Tell Me..
Where you just came from..
did that happen before or after this?
you passed something on your way here,
It left a trace on your retina.
Clarity when you close your eyes
I hate screens so much...
I love working on them..
..staring and typing..
..and shaving syntaxes
How can one be so sharp.
..and yet so hazy.
I keep inserting tiny bits in this dialogue
inserting something into that which becomes its context
..interpolation is bliss..
Now try to relax your shoulders
Try to relax! -haha-
- Be Spontaneous!
<3 the double bind
..Anyways.. sirens or crickets?
Open your eyes again now. Thanks.
Tell me, while you are looking at this field..
Two potential atmospheres, extremes on the spectrum.
Are you hearing sirens or crickets?
..could be both..
a catastrophe at sunset
a crashsite at a site to crash
..We could open the source code..
The source.. As if that is directly at it's origin.
It is a way however to get rid of this visual filter
This translation of a language
..with many processes happening in the background..
text being read as code being executed as motion
And us having trouble to see the route it took
The after image of a hot server rack...
The Roots of a plant sniff for soil, like its leaves for sunlight
You just have to be slow enough to perceive it..

This relatively weightless (<1Mb) virtual object holds a sum of meditations on the temporality and spatiality of crashing.
It gazes at disruption from within a space in which protagonist(s), stage, and camera are merged. Entirely written in HTML and CSS.

Created by Ingmar König