I am soo tired
What's that?
Are you okay?
You look like you've seen a ghost..
You look like you've been a ghost..
Have you been playing that game again?
That fog makes me nostalgic..
But it was so fucking scary
I never enjoyed playing it..
It scared me so much
Being in a dark room with only that
That being the only light source
(PA system announcement)
They used to have them onboard..
..those first generation consoles
what a day and age to be alive
..such a smart move though
- what?
The Fog
As a coverup
The system not being ready for those graphics
So the fog blinding you for anything outside of your proximity
Blind to that which was not fabricated yet, the surrounding potential.
The byproduct being this unique, beautiful atmosphere..
Maybe it is this fog, The Cloud which fell from the sky.
..always thought it would be light and puffy..
But these Clouds are dense and hot.
Right now they are having a hard time
They say that they are on a bitrate diet now..
Since we decreased our physical traffic
..and increasing our data traffic
Clouds on diets... haha
Those fuckers can't stop munching on our protons and electrons.
I don't think we fully realize..
..that we have been inside a crash
It is the fog..
Emphasizing 'the moment'
..inside the moment..
...while every potential is being rendered around you
However, potential clouds our vision
Is all potentiality inside the fog?
for fog can evaporate into anything
creating anti-space through proximity with the 'I'
..like Banham's campfire..
- Is life not just an experience of interpolation?
- In which we find ourselves not in the middle of a two-dimensional line
Haha, aren't lines two-dimensional to begin with?
- Fuck you, you know what I mean..
..This idea of a timeline, where Now stays in the middle..
I like it, however it is weird, conceiving time as flat as this
..so linear, sequential and with a clear direction
- So what do you reckon?
I think it could be just like the fog
or like when you are writing..
One never starts writing at the beginning,
to then end with the last word of it's definite form.
Instead its constant interpolation,
adding and subtracting..
To be honest, even this conversation I remember differently
All I am saying is that..
This constant reshaping and building from within instead of the edges
Meaning the story is not rendered from NIHIL towards MAX%.
Only in retrospective, it is perceived as growth towards finality
As if there even is,
a definite form, a final form,
something worthy enough to present to the world
I don not know if I believe in that
every creation is a sketch
never certain, we keep messing up
we don't even know where we are
or why we have certain degenerate standpoints
simple because we have been too lazy to question them before?
We all needed a bit of urgency to see..
But will we keep seeing our failures?
Or are we just programmed to be blind for that
Us perfect hypocrites
We still don't see that we are surrounded by fog
and that we are inside
it is not that bad though
and realizing it puts you right in the moment
Phosphor by Ingmar König