Hey !
You there?
Do you remember anything?
either from before or from after this moment?
Has anyone ever seen you this stationary?
It seems to suit you strangely well
Unable to move..
..working without going to work
The rest is either complaining or praising it
..not many of us feeling as indifferent as us..
Passenger, Hostage, Victim, Patient, Bystander
You are one of us
No pause, break - no control, self control and control of self.
So there was another one of those days and I just kept going,
forgot lunch, forgot dinner, my eyes at one point... They gave up,
as if I was ever going to win this staring contest with my screen..
I just remember, lying there.
Merged with my bed, facing the ceiling.
My Incubus clearly not leaving the comfort of my chest..
- and all I could think of was this place here -
..that this place doesn't seem to be finished yet
(maybe that is the fucking point)
I don't know, how can anything ever be finished?
What do you think?
Clearly you're not much of a talker..
Or maybe it's just all these conversations that make it feel empty.
I should probably start renovating it at some point..
..renovating should start before it is finished.
Continuous interpolation of this sinkhole.
Slowly sinking away, embracing the saturated empty unknown.
I would like to stream the merging with my mattress,
my eyes still open
but definitely working on the lowest possible bitrate
Phosphor by Ingmar König