proposes code as camera, summoning photons instead of capturing them.
Months of working from home (2020) led to a decrease in physical traffic whilst data traffic increased. Bitrate diets currently try to relieve The Clouds from munching on bytes, or rather, protons and electrons.
This project developed from a curiosity about the weight and footprint of a graduation. Written in HTML and CSS, this project weighs less than one single megabyte (918 kB). The interiors you will encounter are shaped entirely by text. Code and language create and render both the narrative and the interior.
Since writing is a process of interpolation, so is this, Allowing a reassessment of the timebar, still to be considered as the visual cue of duration in both editing and screening of moving images.
Clarity ≠ sharpness. Fog has been used to calculate in-game renderings, when the system could not handle processing the entire scenery at once. This, however, gave birth to a specific atmospheric quality. What if we could move our gaze away from the potential outside of the immediate vicinity, and instead to the proximity given.
This experience will be immediate and without overview. You are being hijacked from now on. And all you did was clicking a dot. Everything you will see is the result of what I have written down in code. It stays static until it is animated by your browser into movement.
from Greek phōsphoros, from phōs 'light' + -phoros '-bringing'-
Ingmar König, 2020