So.. Before or after?
Where you just came from,
did that happen after?
The place you passed on your way here,
It may have left a trace on your retina.
Does it even matter if you open or close your eyes?
I hate these screens so so much...
I love working on them..
But it has been weeks of staring and typing
..not one syntax error left in here..
How can I be so sharp.
and yet feel so hazy.
Interpolating code, changing tiny bits
the delusion of an overview, haha..
"Try to relax"
haha, the beauty of a double bind
"Be spontaneous!"
I feel so tired.
I definitely need to go outside again
..So.. sirens or crickets?
Open your eyes again now. Thanks.
Tell me, looking at this, do you imagine hearing sirens or crickets?
Two potential atmospheres, extremes on the spectrum.
could be a burning catastrophe or a summer sunset
The cricket will probably keep quiet when it hears a siren
A Siren, however, would probably not survive on land
We both seem to be unable to receive this image sharper..
.. We could definitely just open the source code ..
And then we might see all of this, everything at once, without visual filter
I clearly have no clue if we even are t l  ng about the same things
Were we not already inside a catastrophe, one that has the looks of a sunset?
Processes happening without us realizing..
Or is that as much as a myth as the frog we could boil slowly?
I think that is exactly what is happening
Slow Crash
Turbulence between afterimage and deja-vu.
Roots of a plant sniff for good soil
You just need to be slower to perceive it
Phosphor by Ingmar König